Device Profiles

A new feature in update 0.1.9 is Device Profiles.  Since the Android framework is not built to accommodate customly rendered app widgets, certain workarounds must be used. The purpose of this feature is to enable correct rendering on all Android devices, by configuring the exact dimensions used when drawing the widget.

Please note: This feature is only needed if you wish to change the rendering settings for Aix. Depending on your device you may never need this feature, as the standard settings work on most devices.

The feature enables the following:

  • Synchronize with the Aix database to get the most popular, and thus likely correct, dimensions for your device.
  • Calibrate the widget to any device through the use of a calibration pattern.
  • Upload the calibrated dimensions to the Aix database where they will be available to other users.
  • Locking the widget to render strictly in either landscape or portrait mode.

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This is a short introduction explaining how to use the Aix Weather Widget. If you have any further questions, please use the market email option.

Quick Start

After installing Aix from the market, you must manually add it to your homescreen:

  • From your homescreen, press the [Menu] button, then select [Add], [Widgets], then [Aix Weather]. Alternatively, you can long-press an empty area on your screen.
  • Android 3.X: Press the [+] icon at the top right of the screen to add a new widget.
  • Android 4.X: Open the app menu and select [Widgets] at the top of the screen.
  • Drag and drop the Aix Widget to a screen with available space.

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